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We are the couple in elderly age, but still have desire to have a child at my aged of 55s and my wife was 48s. We had been told to give up from everyone concerning bout us as it might be too many complications for both my wife and the baby, but we trusted the modern medical technology. We chose Dr.Pisit he told us good news that my wife’s uterus was still functional we had to choose the egg donor and sperm from me. We requested to do PGD for gender selection and chromosome investigating this was worth doing if you are anxious about whether your child will be carry abnormalities such as down syndrome and any other of genetic problem or not. We are really appreciated in the service we got from iBaby Fertility team we were treat like important person since we got there everyone are so professional making us felt more relax and reliable on the treatment.

My wife felt a bit strange as we not teenager parents, yet we were so exited. I thought she was so beautiful. Now her gestational age is 32 weeks and exiting is getting increase. Our son kick her more often like he want to get out right now, so we are paying attention to him intensively and looking forward to seeing him every minute. Who is going to believe this that elderly also can have child. This can be possible now as it happened to my family we were so lucky to see a good doctor like Dr.Pisit and I believe he has made so many people to be happy as same as me.