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I have never been worry about having a baby before as I was always healthy. I got marry when I was 32, but I’ve been living with my husband since 7 years ago as we had yet to marry so I had been taking contraceptive pill ever since. After the marriage I stopped taking the pill then my period did not come anymore. It had been about 6 month I still had no menstrual sign or the sign of pregnant. Thus, we decided to consult Dr.Pisit he did the examination for both of us my husband had no problem his sperm counting was in the normal range, yet for me I got Premature ovarian failure as they were unable to produce the egg. Moreover, I was facing hormone insufficiency which was very dangerous for my skeleton system and some of body function. As a result, doctor prescribed the hormone replacement to treat me until the period turned back to normal and told me nicely not to be anxious too much we have to take time with that and he will be with us. I took time more than a year for recovery my ovaries. Unfortunately, my eggs quite unhealthy so Dr.Pisit suggested us to use my sister’s eggs for the IVF. We tried so hard, finally, I got my daughter as I really want to carry the pregnancy by myself. I was under a great deal of pressure at that time because I had to be patient and dealing with sadness as my husband really want a child I was afraid that he might thing he chose the wrong wife. Now the best thing dose happen to me as I have a good doctor who always encouraged me and every one in his team who were being patient with me and helped me to deal with the obstacles in the pass. I really want to say thank you for them all.

If someone asked us about where to go If they want to have a baby we will strongly recommend them to choose Dr.Pisit’s clinic as I experienced that before. Naturally, we were always scared seeing doctor sometime afraid of asking question and having limited time for patient. For here, doctor was very patient and understand us so do not have to worry about those thing.