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We were not too old when we got marry, but at that time, having baby wasn’t in our plan as we wanted to be more settle in our career path so my wife had to on contraceptive pills ever since. Now we are 34 and ready to be parents. Regrettably, It wasn’t easy as we thought. I presumed by myself that it would be the side effect from using the pill for long term then we realized that we must be undergone doctor’s treatment. We decided to go to Dr.Pisit clinic due to my relative’s advice because their used to be his client and they got a daughter so we could count on his good reputation.

Firstly, we felt so impress when we saw the clinic as it was so beautiful I almost forgot that this is clinic I thought we were at hotel and the service was marvelous everyone there are so friendly. Then we have a private counseling with him after that he found out the causes that making our problem I have to do sperms collection and my wife have to do eggs collection. After he took sperms and eggs to the laboratory he analyzed that my sperm wasn’t have much strength to hatch the egg so we have to do by another method which is called ICSI then our embryo was transferred to my wife’s womb. Luckily she got pregnant at the first time. If we knew him earlier we would never wasted the time for a grief. If I had a chance to go to Bangkok again we will be there to say hello for you all.