Leading Fertility Center in Bangkok Thailand


I’m so glad to be a patient here. The clinic is so great much more than I expected as it has a very good system the service is so quick by very friendly staff. This is very convenient for patient because we do not have to wait on a long queue seeing a hype of sick people like in public hospital. I had never known before that in my country we have the place like this.

Someone might take for granted as it is natural phenomenon for human being, but why doesn’t everyone can be a mother? Why it has to be me who got such a problem? It was unfair, I thought no one could understand my feeling at that time. It was an extremely difficult time as I had been put so much pressure by people around me because they expected me to be pregnant. When I got here I felt more relive as doctor and everyone in his team comforted and encouraged me until I got through all those sadness.